Want radiant healthier skin?

Need to cleanse and detox your body?

Want to fight aging from the inside out?

Want to boost your metabolism & achieve sustainable weight loss?

Intrametica is a premium range designed to support detoxification and build antioxidant defences which become compromised as we age. Intrametica is founded by Australian Naturopath Angela Maree Smith. The ingredients in this range have been selectively chosen for their therapeutic effect for optimising the health of your skin, liver and gut.

The products can be taken individually or combine all 3 for the Ultimate results. 

The Intrametica Cleanse & Glow 10 Day Detoxification Programme includes 3 key supplements 

Collagen Ultimate +

Purify Body Cleanse

Toned Protein Boost



Bioavailable collagen peptides with cell protecting antioxidant botanicals

Delicious organic raspberry burst flavour, Collagen Ultimate + dissolves into just 200ml water, juice or smoothie. This product targets:

Wrinkles and fine lines to achieve smoother plumper skin

Skin elasticity and hydration

May benefit some skin conditions including acne and rosacea

Repairs inflamed and damaged skin

Protect against UV sun damage

Benefits gut health

Supports joint health

Strengthens hair and nails and promotes growth

Energy production, cellular protection and recovery after exercise



3 in 1 product to supercharge your body and detoxify your gut and liver. 

Delicious organic mixed berry flavour, Purify Body Cleanse dissolves into just 200ml water, juice or smoothie. This product contains evidence based ingredients that support liver, gut and skin health and specifically targets:

The detoxification process by stimulating the liver and promoting elimination through the colon, kidney and skin, and refuels the body with healthy nutrients.

Free radicals causing oxidative stress, cellular damage and inflammation.

Directly supports skin health and vitality to reduce hormonal and inflammatory acne

Facilitate the detoxification and removal of environmental toxins, helping you feel cleaner, lighter and more energised.



Blood sugar balance, reduce cravings, metabolism enhancer


Delicious organic vanilla maple  flavour, Toned Protein Boost can be combined with Collagen Ultimate+ and Purify Body Cleanse or enjoyed on its own in a smoothie. 

This product targets:

Weight loss, fat burning and metabolism

Blood sugar stabilisation

Cravings and satiety

Wrinkles and fine lines to achieve smoother, plumper skin

Skin elasticity and hydration

Supports joint health

Supports your daily workout