Red, inflamed acne? 

Pregnant with breakouts?

Sluggish, dry and lacking skin?

Psoriasis or eczema issue?

Inflamed skins or rosacea sufferers?

Healite LED is a gentle, safe, non-invasive treatment perfect for everyone.

Healite LED Therapy is the use of low-level light therapy  to photo modulate cellular function by supercharging an organelle inside of your cell called the 'mitochondria'. 

The mitochondria absorbs the light energy without incidence of damage from heat or physical trauma; this increases cellular functions (like energy supply, metabolism, regeneration and turnover) enhancing cell repair and function as well as stimulating proliferation.

Healite LED Therapy can be used for:

  • treating active acne

  • superficial skin lesions

  • skin rejuvenation

  • scar reduction

  • wound healing

  • improve local blood circulation

  • enhance skin tone and texture

  • improve wrinkles and fine lines

  • improve the appearance of pigmentation

Healite LED Therapy can be used as a standalone treatment, however we also recommend it after:

  • aesthetic laser

  • surgery to reduce swelling and pain

  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

  • deep chemical peels

  • skin needling



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