Skin feeling dry? Dehydrated? Got an active breakout? 

Suffering from pigmentation? Or maybe congestion under the skin?

A peel is the treatment for you!

The aim of any peel is to remove excess dead skin or corneocytes from the surface of the skin (stratum corneum).

Now how peels do this varies on the health and quality of the clients skin and also heavily relies on what your consistently feeding your skin on a daily basis.

Your skin needs a consistent supply of water, oxygen, vitamins and amino acids in order to effectively "glow" like everyone wants.

Our Dermal Clinicians know the necessary ingredients to target specific skin conditions.

Peels are one of the basic stepping stones to a healthy, balanced and revitalised skin.

When prescribed and performed properly, peels can effectively diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation, active acne and scarring with little trauma to the healthy cells below.

At Laserclear cosmetic clinic we offer an extensive range of medical grade skin peels.

We stock a large variety of peels here at Laserclear, as we specifically formulate them to your desired skin concern.

Gone are the days of your whole face peeling off, with Lira Clinical, the focus is on skin health and integrity.

Our Dermal Clinicians will assess your skin and then formulate a treatment peel that is right for you and your skins health.

Peels that we use include:

Enzyme Peels:

- Vita Brite

AHA/BHA Peels:

- Lactic Clear

- Hydroxy 30

- Beta Plus Rebuilder

- Sal Pulp Definer

Vitamin Peels:

- Mineral Retinol

- Green Power

Medical Grade Peels (Resurfacing):

- Mineral Jessner

- Mineral TCA