Introducing the PINK skin treatment, a solution composed of 56 components that helps improve the vitalisation of fibroblast cells, which are the basic structural frameworks of tissues. 

PINK naturally pairs with the Turtlepin III microneedle product delivery system. 

PINK noticeably improves skin tone, encourages skin regeneration and repair, and enhances moisture levels.


The ingredients in PINK are all clinically proven vitamins, amino acids and peptides to help deliver excellent treatment outcomes.



The Pink Treatment is a 45 minute treatment with minimal downtime and costs $395. 

The serum is delivered directly into the epidermis via microchannels made by the 1.0mm medical depth Turtlepin microneedling delivery system. 

Numbing cream is applied 45 mins prior to the procedure. 

The treatment is finished off with a post procedure mask containing plant stem cells and Epidermal Growth Factors for cooling, soothing and intense moisturising to assist accelerated post-procedure skin regeneration. 


*Glutathione, which has been proven to brighten skin and fight free radicals

*3 kinds of Enzyme, which contribute to the synthesis of glutathione in skin

*10 kinds of Vitamin B complex (vitamin B12), which helps improve skin’s metabolism

*Growth Factors, adenosine A2 receptors, which helps quickly recover skin regeneration cycle

*6kinds of Peptide (EGF, FGF, IGF, TGF-b, cooper tripeptide), which help  vitalize fibroblast cells, which are the basic

 structural frameworks of tissues

*Neuropeptide complex, which is a growth factor that helps vitalize fibroblast cells and growth of blood vessels,   which are essential for a wound healing process

*Amino Acid complex, which increases the content of NMF (natural moisturizing factor)

*4 million Dalton of high molecule HA, which can improve skin moisture deficit

*Vitamin B and Amino Acid for coenzyme synthesis

*Ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), which is the connection for the production of ATP