Insight - The Life Journey Of An Irish Australian Cosmetic Nurse & The Beginning of Laserclear.

I am so excited to be Celebrating 2 years in business here at my clinic in East Gosford. My husband Sam and I founded Laserclear in 2009 as contractors offering Laser services with surgeons, cosmetic physicians, podiatrists and medi cosmetic clinics. When the opportunity came to open our own clinic I was reluctant as it was a huge undertaking but Sam was so supportive and encouraging and the premises in East Gosford was perfect, We signed the lease late in June and opened Laserclear Cosmetic Clinic to clients on this day the 3rd of July 2016. It has been a revelation and a real joy to have my own business, employ great staff and take care of my wonderful clients.

When I started nursing 30 years ago little did I know that someday I would be the director of my own business and caring for women (& men) in a very special way. I truly believe that if you look good on the outside it will make you feel good on the inside too .

When I qualified as a Nurse in 1991 it was impossible to get a full-time job nursing in Dublin back then, so I started working in retail to supplement my nursing income.

I was working with my husband at the time but after my marriage broke down in 1996 I needed a new start and a new direction. I decided to use both my nursing experience and sales background and became a product specialist with a small medical company. I just loved training and educating people and I realised this was my passion.

In 1998 I took a career break and decided at 29 that I needed to do some travelling and spent some time in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, mostly as a tourist but I had a working visa and did many nursing shifts in Sydney to fund the fun time and adventures while on holiday.

In Sydney I met the man of my dreams a lovely Aussie called Sam and he took a leap of faith and moved to Ireland in 1999.

A chance meeting at an ENT conference late in 1999 with the boss of a growing Medi Cosmetic company and I was ‘head hunted’. This was the start of a new path in the Medi Cosmetic industry when I secured a dream job as their business development manager and national trainer.

Going into theatres with plastic surgeons and dermatologist and having the best training with high end lasers, dermal fillers, and cosmetic procedures was fantastic and such an amazing opportunity.

Sam and I married in 2001 and within a few years we had 3 beautiful boys and life change dramatically with 3 children under 4. I no longer wanted to do the national and international travel associated with the sales position, though I did miss those conferences in the south of France!!!! I started working with a Doctor at a Medi-Cosmetic clinic in Dublin in 2004 and from there my career path was well and truly cemented. I have been working directly with clients every since.

We moved to Australia in 2007 to have another baby. I was secretly hoping for a little girl to complete our family and was blessed with the arrival of my daughter Carla in January 2008. She has been a total joy in my life and has ‘completed’ me in a wonderful way. We had intended to move to Austimer in the ‘Shire” but as faith would have it a chance excursion to the central coast and we fell in love with it so much we settle here instead.

I very quickly became aware that there were very limited non surgical services on the Central Coast and that many “Coasties’’were having to travel to Sydney to get high end treatment especially with ablative resurfacing laser. With the experienced I had gained in the industry I decided to approach medispas and Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Physicians and started building a business as a contractor. Over that time I had the privileged of working with some of the best surgeons and cosmetic physicians in the business and gained incredible experience there. I was also a trainer with one of the world’s leading laser companies – Cutera untilI opened the clinic but and still a guest speaker at many forum and training events.

Our business model was simple, provide the best service to the clinics and clients with high end lasers and medical devices. Today we continue with this model and enjoy being able to provide great results for our clients in our very own clinic in a fabulous location next door to the Central Coast Skin Cancer Clinic in East Gosford here on the lovely central coast.

As our name suggests we specialise in high end medical Grade Class IV laser treating everything from hair to pigmentation, red veins and redness to ablative laser for scarring and wrinkles and lines. We are the only clinic on the central coast to offer such a broad array of laser services. Other services include non surgical face lifting, fat freezing, skin needling\PRP as well as a large range of anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Our extensive skin care products and medical grade peels completes the perfect choice for you. Call 43243375.