Pico Genesis

Pico Genesis is the latest aesthetic treatment to improve the appearance of unwanted freckles, sun spots, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, reduce pore size and improve skin texture both gently and effectively.

The Pico Genesis treatment is performed here at Laserclear with the Cutera Enlighten III and will have the skin visually lighter, brighter and rejuvenated in as little as two treatments.

Enlighten III is the only laser of its kind at this point in the aesthetic industry. What is so special about Enlighten is that it uses a non-thermal acoustic, photo-mechanical laser energy to shatter pigmented cells whilst protecting the surrounding tissue from thermal damage.

Our Enlighten III system features two different pulse duration's - 2 nanosecond and 660/750 picosecond as well as three different treatment wavelengths - 532nm, 670nm and 1064nm all in the one device.

What does this mean?

Within our body we have a little thing called melanin, which is pigment - it's what makes the natural colouring in our skin, hair and eyes.

Throughout life, you're exposed to many internal and external stressors that further stimulate the natural ageing process. One of these external factors, especially seen in Australia is over exposure and under protection from UV radiation; or as we know it, the sun.

One of the by-products of unprotected sun exposure is the formation of pigmentation as a defense mechanism in the skin. This can sometimes appear as spots, patches, blotches or even freckles.

What is so amazing about this technology is its ability to break down the pigment blocks into smaller globule type particles, then shatter them down again into nanoparticles.

Why is this important?

Here at Laserclear, this technology is so important as it enables us treat skins that have previously been unable to be treated with lasers. Enlighten III is safe for ALL skin types and has shown great ability in breaking up and removing stubborn pigmentation within the skin without adverse reactions like burning, blistering and hyper/hypopigmentation. This technology enables us to treat a range of skin concerns also, such as hyperpigmentation concerns like melasma, chloasma, sun + age spots. We are also able to reduce pore size, treat acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles as well as overall facial rejuvenation.

Exclusively at Laserclear.

We are extremely proud to be exclusively the only medi-clinic on the Central Coast to own and operate the Enlighten III device and utilise its advanced laser technology. If you have some stubborn pigment that you'd like gone, simply book online for a consultation at www.laserclear.com.au or phone the clinic on 4324 3375 - we'd love to get your skin looking just how you want it.


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