5 Reasons to Treat Pigmentation in Winter

Many medi-cosmetic treatments including Medical Grade IV Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Medical Grade Peels and Microdermabrasion are most suitable in the cooler winter months. There are many reason for this.

1. Less Sun Exposure

After any laser treatment particularly those that treat sun spots and pigmentation your skin becomes 'sun sensitive' similar to the effect of a 'sunburn' where you would normally make sure you stay out of the sun. Therefore, it is important to avoid sun exposure as it can effect the results of your treatment. The winter sun is less intense due to a lower UV radiation index and the effects of cloud cover and shorter hours of sunlight.

2. Avoid Hyperpigmentation

Even a small amount of exposure when the UV rays (UV radiation index) is high which peaks in the summer months can cause PIH (Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) a darkening of areas of pigmentation on the skin after some IPL, laser or peel treatments. This risk is greatly reduced during the winter months when the UV radiation index in much lower.

3. Skin is bare & ready for treatment

It is always recommended to get any medi-cosmetic treatment done when the skin is not tanned, no matter whether it is spray tan, self tannig lotion or a sun- tan which are most popular in the summer months.

4. Less outdoor activities in Winter

The major outcome of any medi-cometic treatment on the skin is that it causes new and healthier cells grow. The vulnerable new cell needs protection from harmful UV radiation to prevent any damage. It is much easier to accomplish this goal during wintertime when people are naturally inclined to stay inside and they often prefer to cover themselves with hats and coats.

5. Look your best in time for Summer

Almost all medi-cosmetic treatment including IPL, Laser or peel treatments take 6 weeks to start creating change in the skin and this is when you start noticing any improvement. This process peaks around 4-6 months so to look your best for the summer break and the festive Christmas season these treatments need to start in the Winter months.

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